Beside default WordPress widgets, NordWood has made several custom widgets for DAZE: NW author widget, NW image widget,  Facebook widget, Instagram Carousel, Instagram Grid, Pinterest widget, Latest comments, Top posts and Tagcloud.

Most of the widgets you can check out in a sidebar on a right.

1. NW author widget

With this widget you can show photo and a short info about yourself in a sidebar.

2. NW Facebook widget

If you have FB page, with this widget you can show some of the elements from that page on your site (eg. face-pile, timeline, header, events). Those are the element you can choose to show or hide.


3. NW Image widget

With this widget you can place any image in a sidebar area and link it to any internal or external URL. It’s great for promoting some content or event. 

4. NW Instagram Grid

Instagram Grid widget allows you to show images/videos from your Instagram profile on your site. You can add title (it will appear above images/videos) or leave it blank. For the best visual result choose the number of items that can be divided by 3 (eg: 3, 6, 9…) 

This how NW Instagram grid widget will look like when displaying 6 items. 


5. NW Instagram Carousel

This widget has the same functionality as Instagram Grid, except it display images from Instagram in a carousel instead in a grid form. This widget can be used in Sidebar area as well in Footer Instagram area

You can add title (it will appear above images/videos) or leave it blank. Minimum number of items for good visual results is six, but you can put more.

Take a look at footer on this page to see how Instagram Carousel looks like. 

6. NW Top Posts

This widget shows the Latest posts and/or Most viewed posts. You can choose Number of posts that will be displayed and also, if you want to display just one of these categories or both.

If you choose both post categories, widget will act as a little slider so you can decide if you want an autoplay option turned on. If post in the list have featured image it will be displayed as a thumbnail beside post title, if not, depending of a post type default icon will be used (eg. icon of a camera for a video post).


7. NW Latest comments

This widget shows number of recently commented posts. You can enter custom Title for the widget and choose Number of posts to be displayed.

Image of the user who made the comment will be shown beside the post title. This widget looks similar to the Top posts shown above.

8. NW Pinterest

Pinterest widget allows you to display pins from your Pinterest profile.

You can enter custom Title for the widget and choose number of pins to be displayed.  


10. NW Tagcloud

Tagcloud widget shows some of your most used tags in a nice and stylish way. You can add Title to the widget and decide Number of tags to be displayed.